The association has been made in North America so that it would address the concerns of the car owners of the company of Opel. As there have been changes that have been made so there are no direct ones that could assist in some areas. The website would have the chance to let you know where or how could you get parts needed for your car. A technical assistance would also be available and you can find out how in the other parts of the website.

But there are models who are the focus of the website due to the what had happened. The company Opel will just make ’69-’73 Opel GT, ’68-71′ Kadett, and ’71-’75 Manta A/1900 series. But there are ways that you can reach the company even if the car model is not the one above. That is why there is the benefit if you join the organization or the club for various benefits. As the use of the Opel cars is already one that would not be removed in some people so they want to have the membership to the club so they could learn what they should do.

One of the mission also of this website is that maintain the company and client relationship.That is why the company has built its own social media accounts so you could be able to see and read or watch its presence. In most of the social media, they have their own accounts so that whatever you use and have an account, you can check it.