When it comes to one company, the achievements and the success it has should be recorded so that it could serve as the evidence. A company should be established the principles it wants it to be known to the customers and other people. This would be evidenced by the records f his achievement and success and especially it would be shown in its products itself. The Opel company is now on the status as one in Europe who is labeled or seen as a large company that is in the automobile industry.


The beginning of the company started in the hometown of the founder which is in Germany. The founder is Adam Opel and that is in the year of 1862. With the course of time as it passed, it has given the company time so it can have manufacturing sites in different areas. It has thousands of employees and is managed by the heirs as the owner and founder have died. Its presence is now in above 50 countries in the world.

There are many stories that this company should have shared as much as it can for the company.

One of the goals of the company is that to help people be able to have the chance to grab the opportunities being presented to their own eyes.

The company is very open to accepting the effect or the contribution of the technology to the automobile industry. Through the technology, there are things that could be done easier and faster.